Home Security Tips

How to improve home security.

Did you know that 1 in 4 crimes in Ireland is a burglary?
You can lessen your chances of being a victim of burglars if you follow these tips.

Are your doors secure?
Are the doors and their frames in good solid condition?
Do you have a solid mortice lock on your doors?
Back doors are most vulnerable, so if they are giving way to a push, add extra locks and bolts.

Are your windows secure?
If you are having new windows installed, make sure they have locks.
If you are having new windows installed make sure that the removable strips holding the glass in are on the inside. If you already have windows with the removable strips on the outside, get superglue and seal the strips so that they cannot be pealed off.
Remember never forget to close all the windows when you leave home, especially ones that are accessible, e.g. upstairs bathroom window next to a drain pipe!.

What is a burglar looking for?
- A home with no burglar alarm.
- Any open windows.
- Piles of post in your porch.
- Ladders or tools left in your back garden.

- Get a burglar alarm of course.
- Of all the home burglaries over 90% were on homes with no home alarm system, according to Gardai.
- Of the homes burglarised, 70% hadn't switched on the burglar alarm system at the time.

- Make sure when you leave your house that you check all your doors and windows are closed and locked. If you have a burglar alarm make sure you set it.

- Test your alarm at least once a month.

- Have your burglar alarm serviced at least once a year


What is the Private Security Authority (PSA) doing about unlicensed alarm installers?.

31st January 2008: The Private Security Authority (PSA), the government approved body that issues licenses to installers, has successfully prosecuted 1st Choice Security Limited, trading as Superior Security, in Carrickmacross District Court, for providing Installer services without a Private Security Authority licence. Judge McBride imposed a fine of 4,000.

The successful outcome of this case comes as a result of intensive investigating by the PSA Enforcement Unit and sends a very clear message to others in the industry who choose to operate illegally, that the PSA is actively investigating contractors in this sector and that we will prosecute them, if they continue to operate without a licence says Geraldine Larkin, Chief Executive Officer, Private Security Authority. All installation contractors and alarm monitoring companies are required by law to have a licence issued by the PSA she says.

Further details on licensing are available by checking their website or by calling the Private Security Authority on 062 31588.

Home owners are required by law to make sure that their company are fully licensed by the PSA. The PSA can also take cases against people who employ unlicensed burglar alarm installers or monitoring companies.
The licensing system is helping to raise the standard of work done by intruder alarm installers.







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