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Service Maintenance

Your service maintenance contract will entitle you to a routine service call annually by one of our alarm engineers to check your entire system is fully operational. It will also supply you with access to our 24 hour on-call emergency service in the event of a fault or system failure at reduced call out rates. You can also avail of reduced hourly rates for additional works if required.

Service Costs

Annual visit costs €65.00 incl. VAT @ 13.5% for Domestic customer

Annual visit costs €125.00 incl. VAT @ 13.5% for Commercial Customer

Benefits of a service maintenance visit;

  • Cheaper option for preventative maintenance
  • Significantly cheaper than an emergency call out in the event of a fault on the system
  • The newer the system the less likely it is that faults will exist, hence one visit may be more suitable.
  • Access to lower call-out and labour costs than without maintenance.
  • The older the system, the more prone devices are to malfunction. Regular check-ups are ideally suited to ensure the system is operating to its full detection capabilities
  • As sensors begin to fail with time they will do so intermittently. Annual service visits will give the customer the best cover to ensure the systems devices are operating within parameters.

 A service maintenance call includes the following procedures;

  • Check system log for faults.
  • Correct date and time if not accurate.
  • Clear any system fault present.
  • Check the Intruder Alarm system and that all equipment and devices are functioning correctly.
  • Check the operation of all sensors by performing an Engineers Walk test on the system to ensure all detection devices activate the alarm and are within the correct parameters.
  • Check both mains and standby power supplies. Includes full load test on battery to ensure it will last a minimum of 12 hours as required.
  • Battery change out if needed. Generally panel battery replaced after 5 years and sensor batteries changed after 2 years to ensure optimal operation of the system
  • Check all internal and external audible warning devices are operational.
  • Check all monitoring devices and ensure connectivity to alarm monitoring station if applicable.
  • Update system software which will customers to benefit from newer features not available at the time of installation.
  • Inform end user of any faults or concerns there may be with the system.
  • Provide a copy of the engineer’s report.
  • Replace any defective devices if required.


Call out Rates

    With Maintenance
Without Maintenance
Monday to Friday    09.00 - 17.30  €60.00 €100.00
Monday to Friday   17.30 - 00.00  €100.00 €140.00 
Monday to Friday  00.00 - 09.00  €140.00   €160.00
 Weekends & Bank Holidays   €160.00 



All call-outs are inclusive of VAT @ 13.5%

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